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GetSocial Unity SDK Demo

This is the demo application for GetSocial SDK. Learn more about the products we build at

Running Demo

Provided demo application will show you GetSocial SDK features effortlessly, no configuration needed.

  1. Clone the repo:

     git clone
  2. Open project example/GetSocialSdkDemo/ in Unity Editor.

  3. Switch platform to Android or iOS.

  4. If building for Android, go to EditProject SettingsPlayerAndroidPublish Settings and enter the password android for the configured keystore and key.

  5. Build the demo.

In case of any questions ping us at

Fresh Integration of the GetSocial SDK

Follow the Getting Started guide for Unity at:

GetSocial Unity SDK Reference can be found at:

Repo Structure

  • An example application that showcases all GetSocial features in example/ folder.
  • GetSocial Invite Channel plugins in plugins/ folder. Learn more about Invite Plugins in docs.


Example app and GetSocial Invite Channel plugins are distributed under Apache 2 license. GetSocial Unity SDK is distributed under the commercial license.