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Emoticon support for webgen

This is a webgen extension bundle that provides a content processor named emoticon for converting text emoticons to image emoticons. Furthermore, some emoticon themes are also provided out of the box.


First you need to load the emoticon content processor bundle and, optionally, an image emoticon theme, see Installation below.

After that you have to add the emoticon content processor to a processing pipeline, for example, the one for page files:

        pipeline: erb,tags,kramdown,blocks,fragments,emoticon

If you generate your website after this change, you won't find any changes since no emoticon theme is set by default. If you wish to enable emoticon conversion on all pages, use the configuration option content_processor.emoticon.theme and set it to the theme you want to use. The 'unicode' theme is available out-of-the box. If you want to use an image emoticon theme, don't forget to load the theme!

You can also enable or disable emoticon conversion on a page-to-page basis by using the emoticon_theme meta information key. If this key is specified, it takes precedence over the configuration option.

The content processor is smart enough to not convert emoticons that are inside pre, code, style and script tags.

Available emoticons

:-@    angry
8-)    cool
:'-(   cry
:*)    drunk
:-D    lol
:-O    oops
:-(    sad
|-I    sleep
:-)    smile
:)     smile
:-P    tongue
;-)    wink

You can see all available image emoticon themes at

Custom emoticon themes

If you want to create a custom emoticon theme, it is recommended to name the bundle emoticon-theme-MYTHEME.

Use webgen's built-in command for creating a new extension bundle, put your emoticon images into the directory emoticon-theme-MYTHEME/emoticons and the following into the init.rb file:

mount_passive('emoticons/', '/images/emoticons/MYTHEME/')

Note that all emoticon images have to be in the PNG format!


The easiest way to install this extension bundle is by installing the corresponding Rubygem:

gem install webgen-content_processor_emoticon-bundle

If you don't use Rubygems, copy all folders under lib/webgen/bundle/ into your ext directory.

After that you just need to tell webgen to use the new content processor extension by adding the following line to your ext/init.rb file:


After that the content processor is available and uses the standard 'unicode' theme. The following statement loads one of the provided image emoticon themes:


Copyright and license

The whole package

The package is licensed under the GPLv3 since two of the emoticon themes have this license.

Content Processor emoticon

I.e. all files under lib/webgen/bundle/content_processor_emoticon.

Copyright (c) 2013 Thomas Leitner under the MIT license (see LICENSE-MIT)

Emoticon themes

See the information in the info.yaml files for information regarding the license of each emoticon theme.


webgen extension for converting text emoticons into image emoticons




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