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Source of the webgen website

This is the source for the webgen website at

It shows how easy it is to create a website using webgen and showcases many of its features, like

  • automatic generation of multiple menus,
  • dynamic content using webgen tags and ERB,
  • fast generation due to intelligent item tracking and partial re-generation and
  • easy use of extension bundles.

Generating the website

You need to install webgen, the needed libraries as well as the extension bundles webgen-zurb_foundation-bundle, webgen-font_awesome-bundle and webgen-tipue_search-bundle:

$ gem install webgen
$ gem install archive-tar-minitar builder coderay erubis haml
$ gem install maruku rdiscount rdoc RedCloth sass
$ gem install webgen-zurb_foundation-bundle
$ gem install webgen-font_awesome-bundle
$ gem install webgen-tipue_search-bundle
$ gem install cssminify

You will also need to have a current LaTeX installation, GhostScript and ImageMagick which can be installed on Ubuntu with:

$ apt-get install texlive texlive-latex-extra texlive-extra-utils imagemagick

Then clone this repository and the repository for webgen (needed as source for the automatic API generation):

$ git clone
$ git clone

After that just change into the webgen-website/ directory and run

$ webgen

The generated website is written to the out/ directory. Opening the out/index.html file in any browser will show it. Since all links are relative, no web server is needed!