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title: Documentation
link_text: "<i class='icon-book'></i> Documentation"
description: Overview over the available webgen documentation as well as information on how to get
help and report bugs.
## Overview
There is extensive documentation covering all aspects of webgen.
1. The [Getting Started Guide](getting_started.html) provides information for newcomers that want to
know how webgen basically works and how to create a simple website.
2. The [webgen Manual](manual.html) gives you in-depth information on how to build simple and
advanced websites and should be read after the Getting Started Guide.
3. The [Reference](reference/) contains in-depth information on all **extensions**, **configuration
options**, **meta information keys**, **API documentation** and also provides a **glossary** for
looking up terms.
4. The [Upgrade Guide](upgrading.html) provides information on how to upgrade from webgen 0.5.x to
this newer version.
There is also a short text about the [history of webgen](history.html) if you are interested.
## Getting Help, Reporting Issues, ...
If you need help, use one of the following:
* [webgen-users google group][google-group]
* [webgen wiki][wiki] at Github
* IRC channel `#webgen` on Freenode (look for gettalong)
For reporting issues and bugs or for requesting features use the [GitHub issue tracker][gh_issue].
## Older webgen Versions
* The latest webgen 0.5.x documentation can be found
at <>.
* The latest webgen 0.4.x documentation can be found
at <>.
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