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title: Configuration Options
description: List and detailed information about all available webgen configuration options.
--- pipeline:erb,kramdown,fragments
This reference describes all available configurations that can be set via the [configuration
file](../manual.html#configuration-file) `webgen.config`.
The configuration options are listed in alphabetical order. For each configuration option a short
description and example code are displayed. The example code either shows how to set the option in
the configuration file (for most configuration options) and/or how to use it in a webgen tag (for
tag configuration options).
require 'psych'
convert = lambda do |data|
Psych.to_json(data).sub(/\n\.\.\.\Z/, '')
indent = lambda do |data, indent|
data.split("\n").collect {|l| ' '*indent + l}.join("\n")
output = context.ws_options.sort.each_with_object('') do |(name, infos), str|
str << "### #{name}\n\n"
str << infos['summary'] << "\n\n"
str << "Syntax\n: " <<['syntax'], 2).lstrip << "\n\n"
str << "Default value\n: \n" <<[name].default rescue '')), 8) << "\n\n"
if infos['example'] && infos['example']['config']
str << "Example for setting the option in the configuration file\n: \n" <<['example']['config'], 8) << "\n\n"
if infos['example'] && infos['example']['tag']
str << "Example for setting the option directly in a tag\n: \n" <<['example']['tag'], 8) << "\n\n"
<%= output %>