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title: content_processor
## Description
These extensions process content, i.e. they either convert data from one format to another or make
other changes to the data. Content processors are used, for example, in the transformation pipeline
of page and template paths.
It is not specified how content processors have to process the content, they are free to do
anything, even binary transformations (e.g. creating a thumbnail from a picture). Each content
processor is identified by one or more *short names* (used, for example, in the `pipeline` option of
a block in a path in [Webgen Page Format]) which are listed on the documentation page of a content
Information about how to create a content processor is found in the [Webgen::ContentProcessor] API
Content processors can be divided into several groups which are shown below.
## Special purpose processors
These processors perform very useful tasks which are nearly always used in the transformation
pipeline of page/template paths.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.blocks, content_processor.tags, content_processor.fragments,
## Markup Processors
These processors convert markup text that is easy to read and write to a more structured format like
HTML. This allows you to write an HTML page without knowing HTML.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.kramdown, content_processor.maruku, content_processor.rdiscount,
content_processor.rdoc, content_processor.redcloth]}
## Template Engines
These processors are used to add dynamic parts to the processed content.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.builder, content_processor.erb, content_processor.erubis,
content_processor.haml, content_processor.ruby]}
## CSS Preprocessors
These processors allow you to write CSS files in an easier way, for example, they allow the usage of
variables to avoid spreading the same data over the whole file.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.sass, content_processor.scss]}
## Post Processors
These processors are used to post-process HTML files.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.cssminify, content_processor.rainpress, content_processor.tidy,
## Other Processors
These processors don't fit into any of the above categories.
{describe_ext: [content_processor.tikz]}