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title: tag.breadcrumb_trail
config options:
- tag.breadcrumb_trail.separator
- tag.breadcrumb_trail.omit_dir_index
- tag.breadcrumb_trail.start_level
- tag.breadcrumb_trail.end_level
- tag.breadcrumb_trail.template
## Description
The tag breadcrumb_trail is used for showing the breadcrumb trail for a page, i.e. it shows the
hierarchy of a page.
## Usage
The behavior of this tag can be configured via the available configuration options, see above.
If you want to generate different HTML, you will need to create a custom template and use the
[tag.breadcrumb_trail.template] option (see the general [tags documentation][tags] for more
Furthermore, the behavior of the [tag.breadcrumb_trail.omit_dir_index] configuration option can be
overridden for individual directory index nodes by setting the [omit_dir_index meta information]
## Examples
: {breadcrumb_trail:}
`\{breadcrumb_trail: {separator: " HELLO "}}`
: {breadcrumb_trail: {separator: " HELLO "}}
`\{breadcrumb_trail: {end_level: -2}}`
: {breadcrumb_trail: {end_level: -2}}
`\{breadcrumb_trail: {start_level: 1}}`
: {breadcrumb_trail: {start_level: 1}}