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title: Reference Documentation
description: Index of all available reference-style documentation for webgen. This is the place to
look if one needs information on built-in webgen extension, the Webgen Page Format,
configuration options, meta information keys, ...
This is the definite reference for all things webgen! You will find in-depth information about
everything, from file formats, configuration options, meta information keys to extension
* [**Webgen Page Format**](webgen_page_format.html): Information about/Specification of the file
format used by all custom webgen file types, for example, by page and template files.
* [**Extensions**](extensions/): Detailed information on every built-in extension, be it content
processors, path handlers, tags, ...
* [**Configuration options**](configuration_options.html): Detailed information on all configuration
* [**Meta information keys**](meta_information_keys.html): Descriptions and usage patterns for every
node meta information key that is used in one way or another by webgen or the built-in extensions.
* [**YAML**](yaml.html): This is the markup language used for webgen's configuration file and every
other place where structured but easily human readable/writable information is needed.
* [**Glossary**](glossary.html): Contains definitions of terms that are used throughout the
documentation and are special to webgen.
* [**API**](api/): The *Application Programming Interface* (API) for webgen. Contains useful
information if you want to write extensions.