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a python library to easily handle data structure, with a GTK binding
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Latest commit ebd05dd @jakubbrindza jakubbrindza committed with izidormatusov Adjust apply_filter to correctly handle parameters
In this commit, I have re-factored refreshing of applied filters when
parameters are given. Moreover, I am also adding a unit test, to cover the
cases and ensure that my changes did on one hand meet the goal and neither made
some other parts of code fail.

Fixes #16
Failed to load latest commit information.
debian Build requires pyversions included in python2
examples Fix pep8 and pyflakes errors
liblarch Adjust apply_filter to correctly handle parameters
liblarch_gtk Fix pep8 and pyflakes errors
tests Adjust apply_filter to correctly handle parameters
.gitignore Creating a first version of
AUTHORS Switch text color to white when dark background
CHANGELOG 2.1.0 not 2.1.1 in the changelog
LICENSE Licensing under LGPLv3 Include AUTHORS and LICENSE in packages
Makefile Link to github profiles instead of emails Fix pep8 and pyflakes errors
requirements.txt Remove duplicate pyflakes
run-tests Use nose for running tests


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If you find Gtk.Treeview and Gtk.Treemodel hard to use, then liblarch is probably for you.

Liblarch is a python library built to easily handle data structure such are lists, trees and acyclic graphs (tree where nodes can have multiple parents). There's also a liblarch-gtk binding that will allow you to use your data structure into a Gtk.Treeview.

Liblarch support multiple views of one data structure and complex filtering. That way, you have a clear separation between your data themselves (Model) and how they are displayed (View).



Liblarch is published under the LGPLv3 license.


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