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a python library to easily handle data structure, with a GTK binding
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Latest commit ebd05dd @jakubbrindza jakubbrindza committed with izidormatusov Adjust apply_filter to correctly handle parameters
In this commit, I have re-factored refreshing of applied filters when
parameters are given. Moreover, I am also adding a unit test, to cover the
cases and ensure that my changes did on one hand meet the goal and neither made
some other parts of code fail.

Fixes #16


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If you find Gtk.Treeview and Gtk.Treemodel hard to use, then liblarch is probably for you.

Liblarch is a python library built to easily handle data structure such are lists, trees and acyclic graphs (tree where nodes can have multiple parents). There's also a liblarch-gtk binding that will allow you to use your data structure into a Gtk.Treeview.

Liblarch support multiple views of one data structure and complex filtering. That way, you have a clear separation between your data themselves (Model) and how they are displayed (View).



Liblarch is published under the LGPLv3 license.


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