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Citations and Bibliographies

In-text citations and bibliographies are all available in Quire. Designed to meet scholarly needs and multiple citation styles, they are easy to implement in your publications. While bibliographic references are formatted in YAML and stored in a YAML file (you can consult our YAML syntax fundamentals for more information), citation and bibliography shortcodes are used to integrate the references in your publication.

Capturing Bibliographic Information in YAML

Bibliographic references for your publication can be listed in a references.yml file in the data directory (along with the publication.yml, figures.yml and objects.yml files).

Each entry in the references.yml file should include a short and a full form of the reference.

  - short: "Faure 1909"
    full: "Faure, Élie. *Histoire de l’Art*. Vol. 1, *L’Art antique*. Paris: Gallimard, 1909"
  - short: "de Goncourt 1851"
    full: "de Goncourt, Edmond. *Journal des Goncourt: Mémoires de la vie littéraire.* Paris; G. Charpentier et cie, 1851."

These references can then be called individually from within text using the q-cite shortcode, or in their entirety as a generated bibliography using the q-bibliography shortcode. Both of which are detailed below.

Adding Inline Text Citations

The q-cite shortcode adds a linked Author Date citation reference to the text, and a hover pop-up with the full citation text. It also adds the citation to a list of all cited works on that page, which is output as a page-level bibliography, as explained below.

{{< q-figure id="modern-citation-hover" >}}

{{< q-figure id="modern-bibliography-page" >}}

The first positional parameter of the q-cite shortcode is a short form citation that should match one in references.yml. The second, optional parameter is a page reference. The following sample would output as: Faure 1909, 54.

{{</* q-cite "Faure 1909" "54" */>}}

A third optional parameter allows you to customize the text to appear in the link if not the short form of the citation. The following sample would appear simply as: 1909, 54.

{{</* q-cite "Faure 1909" "54" "1909" */>}}

In using this third parameter, you still need to have the second parameter even if it’s empty. The following sample would appear simply as: 1909.

{{</* q-cite "Faure 1909" "" "1909" */>}}

The text element between the author date reference and the page can be changed with the citationPageLocationDivider property in config.yml. The humanities tend to favor comma separation (which is the default in Quire), whereas the sciences typically favor a colon.

The q-cite shortcode can be used anywhere in your Markdown text, including within footnotes.

Displaying a Bibliography

Pages in your publication will automatically include a page-level bibliography listing all works that were cited on that page using the q-cite shortcode. However, to create a complete bibliography for your entire publication, from all the entries in the project's references.yml file, you can use the q-bibliography shortcode. The resulting bibliography will be output in the order in which it appears in the references file.

{{</* q-bibliography */>}}

{{< q-figure id="modern-bibliography" >}}

This shortcode accepts an optional sort value, which will sort the list by whatever key from the entries is given. Often "short" or "full", though a custom key could be added, such as "sort_as", for fine-grained control. Without a sort value given, the bibliography will be output in the order in which it appears in the references file.

{{</* q-bibliography sort="short" */>}}

You may in some cases find that the system’s default sort method is sub-optimal. In particular, the sort is case sensitive and will sort uppercase, before lower. So a reference for “e.e. cummings” would be listed after those for “Emily Dickinson”. In these cases a custom key like "sort_as" could be added to all entries in the references.yml file for fine-grained control.

  - short: "cummings 1914"
    sort_as: "cummings-e-e"
  - short: "Dickinson 1932"
    sort_as: "dickinson-emily"

{{< q-class "box warning" >}}

  • If adding a custom sort key, it would need to be added to all entries, not just the one that need to be sorted differently than the default. {{< /q-class >}}

Displaying the Short Reference in Bibliographies

Bibliographies displayed automatically at the bottom of pages, and those generated with the q-bibliography shortcode, can be just a list of the full version of the reference, or can include the short version as well. This is controlled globally (all bibliographies in the project have to be the same format) in the config.yml file with the displayBiblioShort property, can be set to "true" or "false".

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