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Chargify API wrapper for Python

Please Note: This library is no longer maintained


This is a Python wrapper for the Chargify API. It allows you to interface with the Chargify API using a simple object orientated syntax.

Add customer example

chargify = Chargify('YOUR-API-KEY', 'YOUR-SUB-DOMAIN')

customer = chargify.Customer()
customer.first_name = 'John'
customer.last_name = 'Doe' = ''

Create a subscription example:

customer = chargify.Customer('customer_attributes')
customer.first_name = 'Paul'
customer.last_name = 'Trippett' = ''

creditcard = chargify.CreditCard('credit_card_attributes')
creditcard.full_number = 1
creditcard.expiration_month = 10
creditcard.expiration_year = 2020

subscription = chargify.Subscription()
subscription.product_handle = 'fhaar-mini'
subscription.customer = customer
subscription.credit_card = creditcard

See for more usage examples.


Place this library in your project and import the module

from pychargify.api import *


This library has no special requirements


Simply import this library before you use it:

from pychargify.api import *

Now you'll have access to classes the interact with the Chargify API, such as:

ChargifiySubscription ChargifiyCreditCard

Chargify is a helper class that makes initialization easier of the ChargifyProduct, ChargifyCustomer, ChargifiySubscription and ChargifiyCreditCard classes


  • Paul Trippett (pyhub) - Base Development
  • mrtron - Several Updates and bug fixes to pychargify library
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