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This package provides a standalone verifier for Metamath database files.

For more information on the Metamath language see:

The code is written in Julia and inspired by checkmm.cpp by Eric Schmidt (see


Install this package within Julia using:


or (while the package is not in the official METADATA):



The package comes with sample Metamath databases in the data directory of the package. To test verification (without downloading anything), try:

using Metamath

A more interesting database file is (containing axioms and theorems from Set Theory and beyond). To verify it:

  1. Download the updated to the current directory from the Metamath website.
  2. Use the following code:
using Metamath

There is also a test script which verifies the sample databases which can be run using:


Exports and useful internals

The package exports a single function mmverify! which accepts a Metamath.Environment variable and a filename and verifies it. The verification throws a MetamathException if something goes wrong (with a, hopefully, informative message and a backtrace).

Internally, the function Metamath.main verifies a file with a new environment or the package internal global environment Metamath.globalenv.

Redefinition of entities such as constants, variables and axioms is not allowed. So to reuse a Metamath.Environment it may be returned to the initial state with empty!(env) (overloaded from Base).


A benchmark test consisting of verification of was conducted on June 11th 2016 with the latest versions of 4 verifiers. The results are as follows:

Time (s) Verifier Computer language
108.1 Python (3.4.3)
25.2 MM Tool Javascript (V8
15.5 checkmm.cpp C++ (g++ 4.8.4)
10.1 Metamath.jl Julia (0.4.6pre)

or graphically:

Verifier Bar chart of time ####################################
MM Tool ########
checkmm.cpp #####
Metamath.jl ###


(from Eric's notes on checkmm.cpp)

  1. The code assumes that the character set is compatible with ASCII.

  2. According to the spec, file inclusion commands should not include a file that has already been included. Unfortunately, determing whether two different strings refer to the same file is not easy, and, worse, is system-dependant. This program ignores the issue entirely and assumes that distinct strings name different files. This should be adequate for the present, at least.

  3. If the verifier finds an error, it will throw an error and quit. It will not attempt to recover and find more errors. The only condition that generates a diagnostic message but doesn't halt the program is an incomplete proof, specified by a question mark. In that case, as per the spec, a warning is issued and checking continues.


Acknowledgements are due to Norm Megill, creator of the Metamath language and software ecosystem. And to Eric Schmidt who wrote checkmm.cpp which served as a basis for this package.


Verifier for Metamath proof databases written in Julia







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