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after-dark screenshot



First download this theme to your themes directory:

$ cd themes
$ git clone https://github.com/getzola/after-dark.git

and then enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "after-dark"

This theme requires your index section (content/_index.md) to be paginated to work:

paginate_by = 5

The posts should therefore be in directly under the content folder.

The theme requires tags and categories taxonomies to be enabled in your config.toml:

taxonomies = [
    # You can enable/disable RSS
    {name = "categories", rss = true},
    {name = "tags", rss = true},

If you want to paginate taxonomies pages, you will need to overwrite the templates as it only works for non-paginated taxonomies by default.



Set a field in extra with a key of after_dark_menu:

after_dark_menu = [
    {url = "$BASE_URL", name = "Home"},
    {url = "$BASE_URL/categories", name = "Categories"},
    {url = "$BASE_URL/tags", name = "Tags"},
    {url = "https://google.com", name = "Google"},

If you put $BASE_URL in a url, it will automatically be replaced by the actual site URL.


The site title is shown on the homepage. As it might be different from the <title> element that the title field in the config represents, you can set the after_dark_title instead.


This template is based on the Hugo template https://github.com/comfusion/after-dark