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Hyde is a brazen two-column Zola based on the Jekyll theme of the same name that pairs a prominent sidebar with uncomplicated content.

Hyde screenshot



First download this theme to your themes directory:

$ cd themes
$ git clone

and then enable it in your config.toml:

theme = "hyde"


Sidebar menu

Set a field in extra with a key of hyde_links:

hyde_links = [
    {url = "", name = ""},
    {url = "", name = ""},

Each link needs to have a url and a name.

Sticky sidebar content

By default Hyde ships with a sidebar that affixes it's content to the bottom of the sidebar. You can optionally disable this by setting hyde_sticky to false in your config.toml.


Hyde ships with eight optional themes based on the base16 color scheme. Apply a theme to change the color scheme (mostly applies to sidebar and links).

Hyde in red

There are eight themes available at this time.

Hyde theme classes

To use a theme, set the hyde_theme field in config.toml to any of the themes name:

hyde_theme = "theme-base-08"

To create your own theme, look to the Themes section of included CSS file. Copy any existing theme (they're only a few lines of CSS), rename it, and change the provided colors.

Reverse layout

Hyde with reverse layout

Hyde's page orientation can be reversed by setting hyde_reverse to true in the config.toml.

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