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A helper module to share operations between peers built on top of hyperdb.
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A helper module to share operations between peers built on top of hyperdb.

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npm install @geut/saga


First, instantiate saga:

const saga = Saga(ram, publicKey, username);

Then, we will need a swarm of peers:

const sw = swarm({
  id: username,
  stream: () => {
    return saga.replicate();

sw.join(signalhub(discoveryKey, signalUrls), webrtcOpts);

sw.on('connection', async peer => {
  try {
    await saga.connect(peer);
  } catch (err) {

Hint: You can use @geut/discovery-swarm-webrtc.

Hint2: You will need a signal server, like signalhubws.

After that, you are ready to use saga. This include, sending and receiving operations that you can apply on each peer.



Returns a promise.

Used to trigger hyperdb creation and setup the watch for operations.


Peer | Required. The peer must have a remoteUserData property.

This will authorize the peer to be a writer. Emits a join event along with peer data. Finally, if the peer leaves, it will also emit a leave event, indicating the peer.


It will replicate the stream. Uses hyperdb replicates method under the hood with some fixed values:

  live: true,
  userData: JSON.stringify({
    key: this.db.local.key,
    username: this.username,
    timestamp: this.timestamp


Object | Optional

Use this method to send a new operation to every peer. It will also add the username of the sender and a timestamp.


saga inherits from node.js EventEmitter. It will emit the following events:


peerData: Object

After authorizing a new peer, saga will emit a join event with some peer data. This is triggered by the connect method (see above).


peerData: Object

After a peer leaves, the leave event will be emitted with some peer data.



The operation event will be emitted after reading feed history changes (see hyperdb) caused by new operations arrival. You can listen to this event to retrieve the latest operations that you can apply to regenerate the distributed state between peers. The event will contain an object with the username of the sender, a timestamp and the operation.


The idea came up after playing with olaf, a P2P Dat powered chat application. That is when saga first appears. Later we were playing with the idea of CRDT based editor, also Dat powered. I wanted to re-use some parts and saga was my first option. I only need to make some subtle changes, like mostly renaming messages to operations in order to be more generic.

When creating P2P apps, the absence of a centralized server, empowers peers (former clients). Since now they can share data between each other, it is useful to have a way to re-create locally changes that have happened in another peer, this is were you can use saga. Also keep in mind that libraries like Automerge are a great match!

Brought to you by GEUT LABS ʘ

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