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Open source Vive Lighthouse tracking
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BLE receiver

Open source Lighthouse tracking

Github repository:

For details:

Directory layout

Firmware has firmware for the Arduino 101 (Intel Curie breakout board in an Arduino form factor). To build, download the Curie Open Development Kit 'A' tree, then build and upload the firmware with:

make convert-sketch SKETCH=Lighthouse.ino && make compile && make upload SERIAL_PORT=/dev/ttyACM0

The firmware will program the FPGA on the Lighthouse shield directly, so you don't need a separate programming step for that.

Hardware has schematics and Gerber files for the Lighthouse tracking FPGA shield and companion sensor modules, designed to attach to the shield with solder tab to 2.54mm pitch connector flat flex cable. The Triad Semiconductor TS3633 breakout boards work just fine with this shield if you don't want to go cross-eyed building tiny sensor boards.

Source files are available on CircuitMaker:

FPGA shield:

Sensor board:

BLE Receiver is a basic Bluetooth LE receiver for Windows in C#, which reads output from the Curie and outputs it as a UDP stream.

Unity is a sample Unity project which takes in the UDP data stream and uses it to manipulate a sphere in 3D space. You'll need to manually adjust the coordinates of your two lighthouses (auto-calibration coming soon...)

STL contains the STLs and OpenSCAD source for a simple sensor holder for three TS3633 demo boards from Triad Semiconductor. This is a very early prototype; more sensors in a move vareid configuration would track even better.


  • Windows Bluetooth code is based on the demo code for the BGLib library, and is thus licensed under the same MIT license

  • All other software, hardware and 3D models are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license CC-BY-3.0

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