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One way (server2client) simple WebSocket PHP library
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One way (server2client) simple WebSocket PHP library

Installation (using composer)

composer require gevman/s2c-websocket

Listener methods

Constructor(string $host, int $port, string $path, string $identityParam, bool $ssl)
Create Listener
  • $host - server ip or domain
  • $port - port for server socket
  • $path - default path for socket connection
  • $identityParam - parameter to resolve identity
  • $ssl - if true will be used wss protocol, otherwise ws protocol
void listen()
Start listening
void onUpdate(function(array $AllIdentities) {/* */})
Triggers when user connected or disconnected
  • $AllIdentities - List of all identities along with params
void onClientConnect(function(array $identity) {/* */})
Triggers when user connected
  • $identity - Array of identity params of connected user
void onClientDisconnect(function(array $identity) {/* */})
Triggers when user disconnected
  • $identity - Array of identity params of disconnected user
void onMessage(function(array $identities, string $message) {/* */})
Triggers when server sends message
  • $identities - List of identities which will receive message
  • $message - message content
void onError(function(Exception $e) {/* */})
Triggers on error
  • $host - Exception object of error
Client side (JavaScript)
var webSocket = new WebSocket('ws://');
Server side (PHP)
require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

$listener = new \Gevman\PhpSocket\Listener('', 8080, '/socket/test', 'id', false);

$listener->events->onError(function(Exception $e) {
    printf('error: %s in %s at line %s', $e->getMessage(), $e->getFile(), $e->getLine());

$listener->events->onClientConnect(function($identity) {
    printf("Client connected: %s\n\n", $identity['id']);

$listener->events->onClientDisconnect(function($identity) {
    printf("Client disconnected: %s\n\n", $identity['id']);

$listener->events->onMessage(function($identities, $message) {
    printf("new message: %s to %s\n\n", $message, implode(',', array_column($identities, 'id')));

$listener->events->onUpdate(function($AllIdentities) {
    file_put_contents('online-users.txt', array_column($AllIdentities, 'id'));


Notifier methods

Constructor(string $host, int $port)
Create Notifier
  • $host - server ip or domain
  • $port - port of server socket
bool notify(mixed $message, mixed $to)
Send message to server which will be delivered to listed identities
  • $message - Message to send
  • $to - Identity or list identities to be notified, if empty will be notified all identities
Server side (PHP)
require __DIR__.'/vendor/autoload.php';

$notifier = new \Gevman\PhpSocket\Notifier('', 8080);
$notifier->notify(['something' => 'happened', 'new' => 'message'], 1);
Client side (JavaScript)
var webSocket = new WebSocket('ws://');
webSocket.onmessage(function (message) {
    var data = JSON.parse(;

For https sites You need use wss connection, For this You need pass true for last parameter of Listener constructor and use Apache ProxyPass in Your apache config

ProxyPass /wss ws://
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