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<title>Git Process for Publishers</title>
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<h1><a href="" rel="home">Git Process for Publishers</a></h1>
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A guide to version tracking, revision, and collaboration for open-source writing.
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<h4>Legend for Chart</h4>
<p><b>Step 4.</b>
The managing editor will also need to look out for Pull requests from each of the writers after they have Pushed changes to the fork of the project. Recall that changes are Pushed from the working repository to the master repository by the writers.</p>
<p>It is up to the managing editor to Pull the changes from all the writers into the master repository and review any messages accompanying these requests.</p>
<p>Writers may also find that they want to Push experimental content to fellow writers on an arbitrary branch in order to share content prior to making Pull requests of the managing editor. (Recall: “git pull” and “git push” commands.)</p>
<p>Writers: remember to type in a message with your Pull request.</p>
<p><b>Step 5.</b>
The managing editor will need to review all the files. The command “git log” will allow him or her to see the list of changes to the project.</p>
<p>First time Pull requests will need to be fetched with the “git remote add” command. Afterwards, the managing editor need only fetch again.</p>
<p>Decisions will need to be made whether to merge the changed done. Don’t forget to use the “$ git checkout master” command.</p>
<p>Also, the managing editor at this stage should be opening the “index.htm” file in a web browser to view how the content is displaying. Edits to the XHTML and CSS files may need to be made at this stage to save time later.</p>
<p><b>Step 6.</b>
The chapters will now be ready for a “2nd Pass” review and revisions. Each writer will need to Fork the latest repository to their Github account.</p>
<p>Practice with the “git log” command to show lists of commits and thus review the history of the changes.</p>
<p>Each writer will repeat steps described above as they review their current chapter, along with edits made from other writers and the managing editor. The “2nd Pass” of this project involves much more than simply revising your chapter. Indeed, it involves working on your chapter along with the chapters others have submitted. Writers will continually need to Push their content and then make Pull requests of the managing editor.</p>
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<a href="">Git for Writers repository</a>
hosted at <a href="">GitHub</a>. Learn <a href="participate.htm">how to
contribute</a> to Git for Writers.
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