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<title>Git Process for Publishers</title>
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<h1><a href="" rel="home">Git Process for Publishers</a></h1>
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A guide to version tracking, revision, and collaboration for open-source writing.
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<h4>Legend for Chart</h4>
<p><b>Step 7</b>
Work that is viewed as complete can be merged from the work branch onto the master.</p>
<p>Writers should remember to check out the branch they want to merge their changes into. </p>
<p>Remember, changes will also need to be merged into the master. Don’t forget to check out the master branch and then perform the merge.</p>
<p><b>Step 8.</b>
The managing editor will need to review all the files for the final time. Remember, the command “git log” will allow him or her to see the list of changes to the project. Decisions will need to be made whether to merge the changes completed: that’s why a managing editor is needed.</p>
<p>During the writing process, there will probably be conflicts between the writers that need to be resolved. The “git merge” and “git pull” commands continue merging content even when conflicts exist. Chapters may need to be cleaned up manually thus requiring conflict markers being removed from view.
<p>Another option for dealing with conflicts may be to restart from the start of the chapter by undoing a merge and returning to the previous state of the branch.</p>
<p>These decisions will need to be made by the managing editor.</p>
<p><b>Step 9.</b>
Once all three chapters are complete and the managing editor is pleased with the work, everything can be merged. Afterwards, the managing editor should open up the index.htm file in a web browser to view the completed product as the end-users will experience the content.</p>
<p>Remember to use “$ git checkout master” and “$ git merge work” commands.</p>
<p>A 3-chapter electronic document, fully formatted and reviewed by multiple parties, is now available for distribution on the web.</p>
<p>Everything was completed online in a virtual paperless setting.</p>
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<a href="">Git for Writers repository</a>
hosted at <a href="">GitHub</a>. Learn <a href="participate.htm">how to
contribute</a> to Git for Writers.
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