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README update 28 April 2011:

This branch of libcmm is integrating my port to C++ along with a number
of changes to get libcmm ready for additional features and a release.

At Ralf's suggestion, identifiers everywhere are now using the cmm_ prefix
instead of the mm_ prefix, because mm_ was already taken by another library.

The C++ compile forced the addition of a number of C99 macros to get
compilation with C++ as well as C99. I've probably broken the C99 version
for now; this is just an intermediate checkin.

- jea

Original README:

LIBCMM is a small, portable garbage collector for C
programs. To use it, just build the library (make) and
link to it.

To learn more, make contributions, or submit bug reports
go to the LIBCMM homepage at http://libcmm.sf.net.

April 2009, Portland (OR).