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Howto install RVM Ruby and Rails on Ubuntu step-by-step. If you need any help feel free to ask.

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This project is moved and now a simple install script is available.
Please visit and install RVM, Ruby1.9 and RubyOnRails3 on Ubuntu wiht one click.

== README ==

# Howto install Rails from 0

# If there were any elder version and had problems:
# 1. After install RVM and updating;
# 2. Completely uninstall Ruby;

# 3. Install all RVM packages before starting installing Ruby;
# 4. Install all packages which for your OS (I'm on Ubuntu, check your specific needs on your OS, not absolutely necessary);

# 5. Install Ruby with the needed and preinstaled RVM packages.
# 6. Install Gemsets to avoid confusion with updates and gem versions
# Optional: If you are using elder Ruby you might need to install Rubygems too (not for 1.9.2, only elder versions).

# 7. Install your gems, for example Rails, but important note: do not use 'sudo' as you would without using RVM. Check if everything works fine.

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