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"//": "This is the default configuration file",
"//": "Copy it to your bot and adapt",
"//": "Should the bot crash and burn on errors?",
"die": false,
"//": "Prevent sending lots of messages in rapid succession",
"flood-protection" : false,
"//": "Logging level, any combination of: debug, info, warn, error (or: all, none)",
"log": "none",
"//": "Bot nickname",
"nick": "irc-js",
"//": "Server settings",
"server": {
"//": "IRC server address",
"address": "",
"//": "IRC server port",
"port": 6667
"//": "The bot's user details",
"user": {
"hostname": "internet",
"mode": "+iw",
"password": null,
"realname": "Botty McIRC",
"username": "irc-js"