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What are i'm doing wrong??

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, "i've my css out. but JS i dont. and i dont knwo why. tell me why. whats wrong about js in a html."
, "I do believe that everything in the article does in fact still quality as writing JSON."
, "U wld prefer \"Immediately-Invoked fcn Expression\" I believe I cn accommodate U...but...a tech edit wld B welcomed 2"
+, "Ruby IRC bot don't works, What are i'm doing wrong?"

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My coworkers are staring at me because I can't stop laughing. aka: i rlol'd

thnx temp.

cowboy commented on fb38ecc Mar 1, 2011

haha nice

ajpiano commented on fb38ecc Mar 1, 2011

hahah my coworkers would be staring at me but they're stuffed animals cause i work at home WHAT'S GOOD?!

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