Text generator based on markov chains, implemented in python (just for fun)
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Markov Text Generator

Generates text based on some input text. Currently designed to parse Hamlet and write like any of the characters. Downloads the text from the internet.


Requires python3, best run inside a virtualenv.

# requires python3
# setup virtualenv
python3 -m venv ./env
# activate env
. ./env/bin/activate
# install requirements
pip install -r requirements.txt

## Usage

Command line usage

from sources.shakespeare import load, plays
from markov import write_like_this

speeches = load(plays["hamlet"])
speech = write_like_this(speeches["HAMLET"])

Running a server

You can run a server to generate speeches from your favourite characters! Fire it up as follows:

python application.py

List plays

GET /plays

List characters

GET /characters/<play>

Generate a speech

GET /speech/<play>/<character>

## Sample Output

### Hamlet

aside nay speak 'sblood there seek out at a divinity that ever the ominous horse hath made am easier to make the king's mess 'tis not shame to note that i for the death have it is fashion i' the mean my word for god's love make known now my weakness and thereabout of his visage together


could beauty my lord you now receive them


think it my father comes a woodcock to my lord