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A React UI Component to display an awesome Toggle Button control
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This component is designed to render an awesome switch/toggle component.

Edit React Toggle

New in v2.0.x

Upgrade Guide

If you're using the previous version 1.x, have a look at Upgrade to 2.0 from 1.x before upgrade


You can use either npm

npm i react-toggle-component

or yarn

yarn add react-toggle-component

Basic Usage

First of all, remember to import the component.

import React from "react"

import {Toggle} from "react-toggle-component"

function Application() {

  return <Toggle name="toggle-1" />;



See the complete documentation and intercative playground


Thanks for any your contribute 👏.

Bugs 🐛

Use the GitHub issues.


MIT Licensed. Copyright (c) Giovambattista Fazioli 2019.

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