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Gfire is the combined and copyrighted work of the the following authors:
Beat Wolf <> (2005-2006)
Keith Geffert <> (2006)
Laurent De Marez <> (2008-2009)
Warren Dumortier <> (2009-2010)
Oliver Ney <> (2009-2011)
Jakub Szypulka - Xfire protocol icons (
León Asad Castillejos - Recolouring of the small protocol icons
Special thanks
The folks in #pidgin (previously #gaim), especially rlaager, Paco-Paco and grim
for their help with libpurple
for his numerous xfire packet dumps
Brian "TLM" Davenport
for his help with the initial win32 releases and some bugs :-)
to all the guys who helped testing the beta of 0.8.0!
for his the patch for the buddies who don't appear online. (0.8.X series)
Gamma and GODJonez
for their helpw ith the packet system.
who is also in the teams and keeps the project running :)
Not listed?
If you think that we have missed you in this file, tell us!
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