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GPFRemoteAlert aims to implement a mechanism to display a UIAlertView at
pre-determined points in your app (startup, launching a certain view, ...)
without having to ship an update to the app.  A property list file is maintained
on a remote server and is pulled to the app.  Future revisions may implement a
database backend.

To get started using GPFRemoteAlert in your own project:
  1. Create a property list with your own alerts, using example_alert.plist as
     a guide.  Upload this property list to a remote host.
  2. Import GPFRemoteAlert.[hm] into your project
  3. Change the values of kGPFRemoteAlertMessagePlistName and
     kGPFRemoteAlertServer in GPFRemoteAlert.h to point to the file you created
     in step 1.
  4. It's recommended that you download the alerts when your app starts by
     adding an #import "GPFRemoteAlert.h" to your AppDelegate.m and 
     [GPFRemoteAlert sharedRemoteAlert] to
  5. Anywhere you wish to show alerts for a module, add
     [[GPFRemoteAlert sharedRemoteAlert] displayAlertsForModule:@"module1"];