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install wasn't copying node_modules dependencies

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1 parent 321b63b commit baa9102272623f53623de6d2d719a393f10c7648 Geoff Flarity committed Feb 8, 2012
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@@ -15,10 +15,11 @@ PREFIX=${PREFIX:-$DEFAULT_PREFIX}
/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/bin
/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/log
-/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/lib
+/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/lib/node_modules
/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/conf
/bin/mkdir -p $PREFIX/nervous/plugins/node_modules
$INSTALL -m 0755 -t $PREFIX/nervous/bin bin/nervous
$INSTALL -m 0644 -t $PREFIX/nervous/plugins plugins/test.js
$INSTALL -m 0644 conf/nervous.json $PREFIX/nervous/conf/nervous.json.example
$INSTALL -m 0644 -t $PREFIX/nervous/lib lib/*js
+cp -r lib/node_modules/* $PREFIX/nervous/lib/node_modules/

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