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React + TypeScript SPA boilerplate for Github Pages hosting
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A (fairly) minimal example of how to host a modern single page app on Github Pages.

See live at

The idea for this setup comes from and part of the code base is based on a minimal example by @rafrex.


This repository provides a working configuration for building a modern single page app using TypeScript, SCSS, React, react-router and webpack. tslint is set up and configured and so are mocha and chai as test suites. webpack-dev-server can be used during development for live reload. `Favicons, app icons, manifests and other static files are generated automatically. Webpack is configured for code splitting to enable better caching. All production assets are named to include a content hash for aggressive caching.

The release script is confiugured to lint the source code, run the tests, build a production build and push all generated output to the gh-pages branch, from which the app gets served on Github Pages. SSL should work out of the box, including with custom domains. "Nice URLs" are supported via a small hack enabling URL rewriting using a 404.html page and then regular routing using react-router.

Directory structure

  • config: Contains all build config
  • src: All source files and assets
  • src/app: All TypeScript source code of the actual app
  • src/scss: SCSS source code for the stylesheet (the webpack loaders that automatically compile and include the stylesheets are of course configured)
  • src/favicon/favicon.png: The base graphic for all favicons and web app icons
  • src/html: HTML files
  • src/html/404.html: Helper file that fill receive all HTTP requests that do not resolve to an actual file in Github pages. It extracts the URL and redirects to the index.html with an appropriate URL parameter.
  • src/html/index.html: The template of the actual entrypoint file to the app. It will process the URL parameter from 404.html, if present, and rewrite it to the original URL in the URL bar in the browser. It then loads the single page app, which will display the desired page.
  • src/assets: For image assets and similar
  • src/CNAME: The CNAME file containing the custom URL to use with Github pages.
  • src/.nojekyll: Helper file to disable Jekyll on Github Pages.



To Do

  • Better design
  • Write the README / docs
  • Add docs to actual page
  • Add development and set up branch protection

License: MIT

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