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Latest commit e752376 Jan 24, 2017 @gfontenot tmux: Map prefix-space to previous client
It's nice to have a quick way to jump back to the previous client. By
default, this is prefix-L, but I dislike the extra keypress to get to
the capital letter. Instead, I mimic the behavior I already have set up
in vim and use prefix-space.



After cloning this repo, running setup/setup will perform the entire setup process. You can perform isolated parts of the setup process by running individual scripts found in setup as well as the ones found in the setup directories in specific tags.


This repo uses rcm for management. It's pretty neat, you should check it out.

It also heavily uses the tag feature of rcm. It's really only for organizational purposes, but it also means that you could do neat things like pull down parts of my dotfiles if you'd like:

git clone .gfontenot-dotfiles
rcup -d .gfontenot-dotfiles -x -x rcrc -t git

repo organization

rcm will symlink all files into place, keeping the folder structure relative to the tag root. However, our rcrc is explicitly ignoring a few things:

  • Brewfiles are the homebrew dependencies for a specific tag, and so don't need to be symlinked.
  • Anything named setup (or in a directory with that name) is assumed to be part of the general setup process, and so will not be symlinked.

These ignore patterns are being controlled by the EXCLUDES key in my rcrc.

Additionally, I'm using the UNDOTTED key in my rcrc to make sure that Library files aren't symlinked into .Library. This means I can do things like add Xcode color schemes, or LaunchAgents into my dotfiles and have them symlinked into place properly.


The general organizational pattern that I'm using is heavily inspired by holman. I originally forked his dotfiles years ago, and fell in love with the structure.

Many scripts and configurations have been inspired by or outright stolen from my colleagues at thoughtbot. Of special note, I've stolen many things from the thoughtbot dotfiles, as well as from Gabe Berke-Williams, Chris Toomey, Pat Brisbin, and George Brocklehurst, among others that I'm sure I'm forgetting.