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Website Source

Circle CI

This is the source code for The site is written in Hakyll, and pushed here. Pushes to master are then picked up by CircleCI where the static site is built, and then the whole thing is deployed to GitHub Pages.

Local Development


You'll need to have stack installed. If you're on OS X, you can do that with homebrew:

% brew update
% brew install haskell-stack

Once you have that installed, you can run bin/setup to install the app dependencies.

Running the app locally

Since it's a static site, you'll need to build it first. The easiest way to do this is by building the site compiler and sending it commands with stack exec:

% stack build
% stack exec site -- build

This will generate the built website at ./_site. You can then view the contents of this site with your static-site server of choice. I use pow:

% cd ~/.pow
% mkdir gordonfontenot/public
% cd gordonfontenot/public
% ln -s /path/to/_site

Then you will be able to view the generated site at

Viewing changes

Generally, you will be able to update the built site by running stack exec site -- build. However, if you run into issues with cached pages, you can run stack exec site -- rebuild to force a regeneration of the entire site. After that, you can reload the page and see the updates.