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This is a combination of LuaInterface 2.0.3 (Using with KopiLua 0.1. The idea is to provide a pure C# Lua suite for maximum portability in environments like Unity and XNA.

Note that KopiLua is in a submodule along with a test suite, so after cloning KopiLuaInterface you'll need to "git submodule update --init" to fill in the KopiLua directory.

What is KopiLua?

KopiLua is a pure C# Lua implementation - mostly a direct transliteration of the standard C implementation. If you're happy to use the C-style API and write your own interfacing code on top of it then you can use KopiLua on its own, without KopiLuaInterface.

See the documentation in the KopiLua directory for more information.

What is KopiLuaInterface?

KopiLuaInterface is a version of LuaInterface altered to run on top of KopiLua. LuaInterface provides very flexible and user-friendly object oriented C#/Lua interfacing, making it very easy to provide your Lua code with access to C# data and methods, and vice versa. It is powerful and elegant.


I believe everything here was originally published under the MIT licence, so that applies to the combination too. See the original COPYRIGHT files in the KopiLua and KopiLuaInterface directories.


Both packages have been modified rather a lot, and I've lost track of what I changed and why. I hope to figure this out and document it better when I get a chance.

Broadly speaking, though, LuaInterface needed changing to make it work with KopiLua - issues like the distinction between a C function and a C# function being redundant, and namespacing changes. I also disabled some code that's not suitable for use in Unity's web player.

KopiLua itself had some bugs - I remember specifically some issues with userdata, and some lua_assert calls had lost the '!' from their expressions.

Out of date

Note that LuaInterface is now up to version 2.0.3, so this snapshot is out of date. KopiLua has also been added to github and forked there by several third parties, and it's possible that I ought to merge from the newer versions.

Sometime I hope to consolidate my changes better, and see if they can be made less intrusive, so they can more easily be applied to newer versions.

Building With Visual Studio

Note again that KopiLua is in a submodule, so if you see an empty KopiLua subdirectory then you probably need to "git submodule update --init".

It's all meant to be built in Visual Studio, so just open KLI.sln and build everything, preferably in Release configuration for now. There are a few random test apps to check various aspects of the system. StressTest is broken, but the others should work; they tend to wait for you to press Enter at the end so the console window doesn't disappear.

For use in Unity, you need to copy all three DLLs (KopiLua, KopiLuaDll, and KopiLuaInterface) into your Unity project's Assets folder. You can also copy the PDB files and use pdb2mdb to generate MDB files, so that Unity and MonoDevelop can understand the debug info.

The easiest way to do that is using the script, if you have Cygwin. If not, you'll need to do it by hand - in particular locating pdb2mdb is pretty much impossible in a batch file.

Building Without Visual Studio

If you want to put all the source files in your Unity project instead, it may be a struggle, as KopiLua requires a lot of #defines to work properly.
However new Unity versions do openly support setting custom defines, in the player settings, so you may be able to get this to work.

I have tried loading the solution into Unity's MonoDevelop, with mixed results

  • it mostly seems to work, but Unity's MonoDevelop has some limitations. I also tried to install a more canonical MonoDevelop, but couldn't get anything to work properly.

Unity example and pre-built DLLs

For a demo app, see You can download the source zip which also contains precompiled DLLs.


If you have questions about the combination of LuaInterface with KopiLua, you can contact me:

However, bear in mind that I'm not a Lua expert and I'm not the original author of either package. Certainly for documentation you should look to the original packages online.


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