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// this class contains the method to create an xml document from an object
class Obj2xml {
var $xmlResult;
// construct function creates the basic XML doc with attributes added
function __construct($rootNode){
$this->xmlResult = new SimpleXMLElement("<$rootNode></$rootNode>");
$this->xmlResult-> addAttribute('version','8.8');
$this->xmlResult-> addAttribute('merchantId','000052');
$this->xmlResult-> addAttribute('xmlns:xmlns','');// does not show up on browser docs
//iterates through child classes and adds into xml document
private function iteratechildren($object,$xml){
foreach ($object as $name=>$value) {
if (is_string($value) || is_numeric($value)) {
}else {
//changes the object to xml doc, calls previous two functions
function toXml($object,$type) {
$this->xmlResult->$type-> addAttribute('reportGroup','ABCD'); // add this attribute for authorization transaction
return $this->xmlResult->asXML();
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