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Interactive components using Bulma framework brought to Angular
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angular-bulma Build Status

This is a (WIP) project to bring some interaction to the components of Bulma into the Angular world.

The project is in a really early stage and I will implement new components as I need them in my other projects.


Bulma is a dependency of this project so you don't need to install it separately.

Install with NPM

npm install --save angular-bulma

Install with Bower

bower install --save angular-bulma


Load the script

Add the dist/angular-bulma.min.js to your HTML file.

Add as dependency

Add bulma module as a dependency of your Angular app:

angular.module('yourModule', ['bulma']);



This component wraps the bulma-daterangepicker package into an Angular directive and is heavily inspired (pretty much copy-pasted) by angular-daterangepicker.

<bu-daterangepicker ng-model="myDaterange"/>

Important! The model must be an Object and have startDate and endDate properties.

Min and max value can be set via additional attributes:

<bu-daterangepicker ng-model="date" min="'2000-01-01'" max="'2000-01-02'"/>

It can be further customized by passing in the options attribute.

<bu-daterangepicker ng-model="date" min="'2000-01-01'" max="'2000-01-02'" options="{separator: ':'}"/>


A modified version of Bulma's modal. To show a title, a message, some buttons and return which button was clicked. Inject the buDialog wherever you want to use it then:{
  title: 'Dialog title',
  message: 'Dialog message',
  buttons: [
      label: 'Ok',
      class: 'is-primary',

If you just want a confirmation dialog with title, message, one primary and one secondary button you can use the buDialog.confirm:

buDialog.confirm('Dialog title', 'Dialog message', 'Primary button', 'Secondary button');

One aditional boolean parameter can be send, if true it will add the is-danger class to the primary button.


Add the bu-dropdown class to any tag and the bu-dropdown-body to any of its descendants. The body will be hidden by default and any click on the outer element will make the body visible. After that any click anywhere inside the document will make the dropdown body to hide again.

<div class="bu-dropdown">
  <div class="button">Dropdown</div>
  <div class="bu-dropdown-body">
    <nav class="menu">
      <ul class="menu-list">
        <li><a>Menu item</a></li>
        <li><a>Menu item</a></li>
        <li><a>Menu item</a></li>
        <li><a>Menu item</a></li>


bu-is-right - Adding this class to the bu-dropdown-body element will make it align to the right side of the bu-dropdown.


As mentioned before, this project will evolve with the need for features. This is a clear example of a feature implemented as the minimum needed.

<bu-timepicker ng-model="myTime"/>


This is a port of UI Bootstrap's tooltip component. To use add the bu-tooltip attribute to any element and it's value will be shown in a tooltip when the user passes the mouse over the element.

<p>A paragraph with some <span bu-tooltip="Meaning of the fancy word">fancy</span> word.</p>


Again, this is an early stage project, any help is appreciated, feel free to open issues and submit pull requests.

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