Backbone.js Custom Builds
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Backbone.js Custom Builds



##Description Backbone.js Custom Builds allow you to individually download only the Backbone.js modules that your project needs (the only required module is the Events module). With custom builds, you could use the Backbone Events class object as a standalone pub/sub solution, or only use Backbone Views to organize all of your app's event handlers, or use Backbone Models to store all of your applications data client-side, etc (all while minimizing your file size). The possibilities are endless! (not really but you get the point)

##Why This Project Was Created Backbone is incredible, so I wanted to make it even easier for people who aren't completely sold on using it, to only take what they want/need. Please read my article, Backbone.js: Convincing the Boss Guide for further detail.

##How This Project Was Created I looked at the Backbone codebase and split up all of the Backbone Class Objects into their own files.

Backbone by default is not set up in a modular way and instead heavily uses local variables all scoped under one Immediately Invoked Function Expression (like most libraries). I had to make a few changes to the Backbone core to remove these local property dependencies so that they could be split into several files, but that was it.

#Unit Testing I have made sure that my modularized version of Backbone passed all of the Backbone unit tests.


Why doesn't Backbone allow you to do custom builds by default?

I'm not sure. Hopefully in the future Backbone will provide this option. Until that happens, I will continue to support the project.

What happens when Backbone upgrades to a different version?

Unfortunately, I will also have to upgrade my code to match the changes.

Where can I find all of the Backbone Module Code?

You can find all of the Backbone modules inside of the customBuild folder.

How did you make this custom build UI?

I used DownloadBuilder.js to make the custom build. I also wrote that library (shameless plug)

##Contributors Greg Franko


Copyright (c) 2012 Greg Franko
Licensed under the MIT license.