Boilerplate code to help build stateful jQuery widgets.
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jqBoilerplate - Build stateful jQuery widgets

##This repo is no longer being supported. Please go to the jqfactory repository instead.

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##Description If you are not using the jQueryUI Widget Factory to build stateful jQuery widgets, you might feel lost about how to properly organize your jQuery plugin code. jqBoilerplate uses the Revealing Module Object-Oriented Design Pattern to organize and provide structure to a stateful jQuery widget.

##The Revealing Module Pattern The Revealing Module Pattern uses closures to allow both private and public plugin properties and methods. Privacy is very useful when you want to provide a public API while also hiding certain plugin functionality from a user.

##Notable Features -Provides a ready-made public API and private methods (All private methods are preceded with an underscore)

-Protects against multiple plugin instances being created

-Provides a custom jQuery pseudo-selector for your plugin

-Default plugin options can be retrieved and set at any time using the 4 completed methods provided (getOption(), getOptions(), setOption(), and setOptions)

-Callback function and chaining support are built-in

-A solution for dealing with the context of the this keyword (all instance properties are inside of an object literal called self)

-Common methods used with stateful plugins are included (events, disable, enable, destroy, create). These methods are blank, since your custom jQuery plugin logic will go here.

##Getting Started 1. Download jq-boilerplate.js

2. Change the pluginName and pluginVersion variables at the top of the file to your jQuery plugin name and version.

3. Write the custom logic for the create(), destroy(), enable(), disable(), and _events().

4. You just created a stateful jQuery widget! Celebrate!