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A digital edition and semi-diplomatic transcription of manuscript V, Verona, XXVIII(26): the oldest surviving manuscript of Augustine's De Civitate Dei.
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Digital edition and transcription of manuscript V, Verona, XXVIII(26): the oldest surviving manuscript of Augustine's De civitate Dei. For more information, please visit:


De civitate Dei is traditionally made up of 22 volumes. MS XXVIII(26), however, preserves only books 11-16 (254 pages) along with 9th century capitula and back matter.

File list

This repository contains:

  • digital-edition: This folder contains the files that make up this digital edition of MS XXVIII(26).
  • mss_dcd.csv: This file collects (digitised) manuscripts/witnesses of De civitate Dei.
  • plain-text: This folder contains a plain text version of the transcription (the .txt files retain <add> and <sic> elements but remove <del> tags, and abbreviations are expanded).


  • Capitula: folia 01v-6r. XML complete; TXT complete.
  • Book 11: folia 7r-43r. XML complete; TXT in progress.
    • Damaged (not transcribed) folia: 8v; 21v-22v.
  • Book 12: folia 43v-76v. XML in progress.
    • Damaged (not transcribed) folia: 53r-55v; 62v-68v; 69v-71v.
  • Book 13: folia 76v-109v.
  • Book 14: folia 109v-148v.
  • Book 15: folia 148v-197r.
  • Book 16: folia 197r-253v.
  • Back: folia 254v-255r.

While initially comparing the manuscript to a standard edition, I'm in the process of collecting transcriptions and images of a handful of 5th-8th century witnesses with a view to further enhancing the edition.

Editorial information

The manuscript is encoded in accordance with EpiDoc standards, a subset of the TEI framework.


The manuscript contains marginal annotations, also known as scholia, which are often difficult to read due to damage to the text. Where illegible, a <!--comment--> is used as a placeholder for future reference. The same approach applies to damaged pages.


A list of to-dos and things to implement is available here.

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