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Instant Coffee Sample Project

This is a sample project to give some guidance on how to use it as a development tool.

Getting Started

Install the dependencies. Here are some links to find out more about using RVM and Bundler. This application comes with a sample Gemfile for use with bundler.

rvm use someruby@sample_project --create
gem install bundler
bundle install

To see all the available rake tasks you can run:

rake -T

If you want to take advantage of the 'rake develop' task, use jruby. This will use native java threads, compiling your coffeescript and serving your tests with the jasmine gem. --please see the note in the Rakefile regarding file loading if you copy this skeleton app structure elsewhere--

rvm install jruby
rvm use jruby@myproject --create
rake develop

navigate to localhost:8888 to see the example spec passing. Happy coffeescripting!