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A low-level Clojure wrapper for JDBC-based access to databases. A minimal DSL is provided to generate basic SQL (in clojure.java.jdbc.sql) and basic DDL (in clojure.java.jdbc.ddl). For a more sophisticated DSL that is compatible with this library, consider:

Formerly known as clojure.contrib.sql.

Additional documentation can be found in the java.jdbc section of clojure-doc.org.

Releases and Dependency Information

Latest stable release: 0.3.0-alpha4

Leiningen dependency information:

[org.clojure/java.jdbc "0.3.0-alpha4"]

Maven dependency information:


You will also need to add dependencies for the JDBC driver you intend to use. Here are examples of the drivers currently used for testing, shown as Leiningen dependencies:

;; Apache Derby
[org.apache.derby/derby ""]
[hsqldb/hsqldb ""]
;; Microsoft SQL Server using the jTDS driver
[net.sourceforge.jtds/jtds "1.2.4"]
;; MySQL
[mysql/mysql-connector-java "5.1.25"]
;; PostgreSQL
[postgresql/postgresql "8.4-702.jdbc4"]
;; SQLite
[org.xerial/sqlite-jdbc "3.7.2"]

For the latest versions, consult the vendor or project websites. clojure.java.jdbc is also tested against Microsoft's own JDBC4 Driver 3.0 but that has to be downloaded manually and placed in a Maven repository accessible to your system. For testing, it was installed locally as:

;; Microsoft SQL Server JDBC4 Driver 3.0
[sqljdbc4/sqljdbc4 "3.0"]

Example Usage

(require '[clojure.java.jdbc :as j]
         '[clojure.java.jdbc.sql :as s])

(def mysql-db {:subprotocol "mysql"
               :subname "//"
               :user "clojure_test"
               :password "clojure_test"})

(j/insert! mysql-db :fruit
  {:name "Apple" :appearance "rosy" :cost 24}
  {:name "Orange" :appearance "round" :cost 49})
;; ({:generated_key 1} {:generated_key 2})

(j/query mysql-db
  (s/select * :fruit (s/where {:appearance "rosy"}))
  :row-fn :cost)
;; (24)

For more detail see the generated documentation on github.

Developer Information

  • GitHub project

  • Bug Tracker

  • Continuous Integration

  • Compatibility Test Matrix

  • Testing:

    • Currently by default tests run only against Derby and HSQLDB, the in-process databases.
  • To test against PostgreSQL, first create the user and database:

      $ sudo -u postgres createuser clojure_test -P clojure_test
      $ sudo -u postgres createdb clojure_test -O clojure_test
  • Or similarly with MySQL:

      $ mysql -u root
      mysql> create database clojure_test;
      mysql> grant all on clojure_test.* to clojure_test identified by "clojure_test";
  • Then run the tests with the TEST_DBS environment variable:

      $ TEST_DBS=mysql,postgres mvn test

Change Log

  • Release 0.3.0-alpha4 on 2013-05-11

    • Fix connection leaks JDBC-54
    • Allow order-by to accept empty sequence (and return empty string)
  • Release 0.3.0-alpha3 on 2013-05-04

    • Fix macro / import interaction by fully qualifying Connection type.
  • Release 0.3.0-alpha2 on 2013-05-03

    • Address JDBC-51 by declaring get-connection returns java.sql.Connection
    • Add IResultSetReadColumn protocol extension point for custom read conversions JDBC-46
    • Add :multi? to execute! so it can be used for repeated operations JDBC-52
    • Reverted specialized handling of NULL values (reopens JDBC-40)
    • Rename :as-arrays to :as-arrays? since it is boolean
    • Add curried version of clojure.java.jdbc.sql/as-quoted-str
    • Officially deprecate resultset-seq
  • Release 0.3.0-alpha1 on 2013-04-07

    • Most of the old 0.2.x API has been deprecated and a new, more idiomatic API introduced, along with a minimal DSL to generate basic SQL
    • Specifics:
    • Add insert!, query, update!, delete! and execute! high-level API JDBC-20
    • Add optional SQL-generating DSL in clojure.java.jdbc.sql (implied by JDBC-20)
    • Add db- prefixed versions of low-level API
    • Add db-transaction macro
    • Add result-set-seq as replacement for resultset-seq (which will be deprecated)
    • Transaction now correctly rollback on non-Exception Throwables JDBC-43
    • Rewrite old API functions in terms of new API, and deprecate old API JDBC-43
    • Add :as-arrays to query / result-set-seq JDBC-41
    • Better handling of NULL values JDBC-40 and JDBC-18 Note: JDBC-40 is being reverted in 0.3.0-alpha2 because it introduces regressions in PostgreSQL
    • db-do-command allows you to execute SQL without a transaction wrapping it JDBC-38
    • Remove reflection warning from execute-batch
    • Add notes to README about 3rd party database driver dependencies
    • Add optional :identifiers argument to resultset-seq so you can explicitly pass in the naming strategy
  • Release 0.2.3 on 2012-06-18

    • as-str now treats a.b as two identifiers separated by . so quoting produces [a].[b] instead of [a.b]
    • Add :connection-uri option JDBC-34
  • Release 0.2.2 on 2012-06-10

    • Handle Oracle unknown row count affected JDBC-33
    • Handle jdbc: prefix in string db-specs JDBC-32
    • Handle empty columns in make column unique (Juergen Hoetzel) JDBC-31
  • Release 0.2.1 on 2012-05-10

    • Result set performance enhancement (Juergen Hoetzel) JDBC-29
    • Make do-prepared-return-keys (for Korma team) JDBC-30
  • Release 0.2.0 on 2012-04-23

    • Merge internal namespace into main jdbc namespace JDBC-19
  • Release 0.1.4 on 2012-04-15

    • Unwrap RTE for nested transaction exceptions (we already unwrapped top-level transaction RTEs).
    • Remove reflection warning unwrapping RunTimeException (Alan Malloy)
  • Release 0.1.3 on 2012-02-29

    • Fix generated keys inside transactions for SQLite3 JDBC-26
  • Release 0.1.2 on 2012-02-29

    • Handle prepared statement params correctly JDBC-23
    • Add support for SQLite3 JDBC-26
    • Replace replicate (deprecated) with repeat JDBC-27
    • Ensure MS SQL Server passes tests with both Microsoft and jTDS drivers
    • Build server now tests derby, hsqldb and sqlite by default
    • Update README per Stuart Sierra's outline for contrib projects
  • Release 0.1.1 on 2011-11-02

    • Accept string or URI in connection definition JDBC-21
    • Allow driver, port and subprotocol to be deduced JDBC-22
  • Release 0.1.0 on 2011-10-16

    • Remove dependence on deprecated structmap JDBC-15
  • Release 0.0.7 on 2011-10-11

    • Rename duplicate columns JDBC-9
    • Ensure do-preared traps invalid SQL JDBC-16
  • Release 0.0.6 on 2011-08-04

    • Improve exception handling (unwrap RTE)
    • Don't use batch for update (causes exceptions on Apache Derby) JDBC-12
    • Add test suite
  • Release 0.0.5 on 2011-07-18

    • Expose prepare-statement API
    • Allow with-query-results to accept a PreparedStatement or options for creating one, instead of SQL query string and parameters
    • Support databases that cannot return generated keys
  • Release 0.0.4 on 2011-07-17

    • Allow :table-spec {string} in create-table JDBC-4
    • Remove reflection warnings JDBC-8
    • Ensure transactions are not committed when Error occurs JDBC-11
  • Release 0.0.3 on 2011-07-01

    • Key generation compatibility with MS SQL Server, PostgreSQL JDBC-10
  • Release 0.0.2 on 2011-06-07

    • Clojure 1.2 compatibility JDBC-7
  • Release 0.0.1 on 2011-05-07

    • Initial release
  • Changes from clojure.contrib.sql:

    • Expose print-... functions; no longer write exceptions to *out*
    • Define resultset-seq to replace clojure.core/resultset-seq
    • Add naming / quoting strategies (see name mapping documentation
    • Return generated keys from insert operations, where possible
    • Add insert-record function
    • Clojure 1.3 compatibility

Copyright and License

Copyright (c) Sean Corfield, Stephen Gilardi, 2011-2013. All rights reserved. The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 1.0 (http://opensource.org/licenses/eclipse-1.0.php) which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from this software.