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(ns com.gfredericks.qubits.objects
"Qubits as Objects."
(:require [ :as data]))
(declare deterministic-value)
(deftype Qubit [name system]
(toString [this]
(format "#<Qubit-%s: %s>"
(str (or (deterministic-value this) \?)))))
(defmethod print-method Qubit
[q ^ w]
(.write w (str q)))
(defn init-system
"Initializes a qubit to 0 inside its own system."
[^Qubit q]
(let [system (data/single-qubit-system q 0)]
(alter (.system q) (constantly system)))
(set-validator! (.system q) data/system?)))
(defn qubit
([] (qubit (gensym "qubit-")))
(doto (->Qubit (name name') (ref nil))
(defmacro qubits
"Macro for creating new qubits with the same name as their local bindings.
(qubits [a b c]
creates three qubits named \"a\" \"b\" and \"c\", binds them to the locals
a, b, and c, and executes the body."
[name-vector & body]
{:pre [(vector? name-vector)
(every? symbol? name-vector)]}
`(let [~@(mapcat (juxt identity (fn [name] `(qubit ~(str name))))
(defn probabilities
"Returns a map like {0 p1, 1 p2}."
[^Qubit q]
(data/probabilities @(.system q) q))
(defn deterministic-value
"Given a qubit, returns a 0 or a 1 if it has a deterministic value,
or nil otherwise."
[^Qubit q]
(data/deterministic-value @(.system q) q))
(defn update-system-pointers!
"Given a system-map, updates all the .system refs of the :qubits
list to point to that map."
(doseq [^Qubit q (:qubits system)]
(alter (.system q) (constantly system))))
(defn merge-systems!
"Updates the system properties of the qubits so that they are all
(let [systems (distinct (map (fn [^Qubit q] @(.system q)) qs))]
(when (> (count systems) 1)
(let [system (reduce data/merge-systems systems)]
(update-system-pointers! system))))))
(defn single-qubit-gate-fn
"Given a gate definition [[a b] [c d]], returns a function that
takes a primary qubit and optional control qubits and executes
the gate on it."
(fn [^Qubit q & controls]
(when (seq controls)
(merge-systems! (cons q controls)))
(let [new-system (data/apply-single-qubit-gate gate @(.system q) q controls)]
(update-system-pointers! new-system)))
(let [g data/single-qubit-gates]
(def X (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :X)))
(def Y (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :Y)))
(def Z (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :Z)))
(def S (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :S)))
(def T (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :T)))
(def H (single-qubit-gate-fn (g :H))))
(defn phase
[q theta & controls]
(apply (single-qubit-gate-fn (data/phase-gate theta)) q controls))
(defn observe
"Returns 0 or 1."
[^Qubit q]
(let [[outcome new-system] (data/observe @(.system q) q)]
;; if the qubit was previously entangled, detangle it
(if (> (count (:qubits new-system)) 1)
(let [new-system-1 (data/factor-qubit-from-system new-system q)
new-system-2 (data/single-qubit-system q outcome)]
(update-system-pointers! new-system-1)
(update-system-pointers! new-system-2))
(update-system-pointers! new-system))
(defn measure-along-axis
"Measures the qubit along the :X, :Y, or :Z axis of the bloch sphere."
[q axis]
(case axis
:Z (observe q)
:X (do (H q) (let [res (observe q)] (H q) res))
:Y (do (doto q S H) (let [res (observe q)] (doto q H S) res))))
(defn characterize
"Given a function that repeatedly returns new qubits in the
same (presumably unentangled) state, measures them n times along
each axis and returns a map containing the average value (i.e., the
proportion of the time that the measurement was 1). For qubits in a
pure (unentangled) state, the result should statistically completely
characterize the state."
[qubit-source n]
(into {}
(for [axis [:X :Y :Z]]
[axis (-> (->> (repeatedly n qubit-source)
(map #(measure-along-axis % axis))
(filter #{1})
(/ n)