SOA example for prototyping modular systems through Camel ESB
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This is a SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) example application.

The requirement's specifications are defined in the Scenario.

The project leverages on:

  • Groovy

  • Gradle

  • Springframework

  • Camel

  • CXF

Open a Linux console and go to the project home.

Type gradle test you will test it.

Type gradle run you will run it (with development setup). After that you may test the up and running application typing curl -v http://localhost:8080/rewards/account/234234 -X GET -d '{"portfolio":{"channels":["SPORTS"]}}'

Type gradle distZip you will obtain a complete deliverable zip file which contains an executable launcher


Available on src/main/resources

RewardService: src/main/groovy/com/gfrison/services/RewardService.groovy


Dependencies and build management is delegated to Gradle.

Install it from not from apt-get install gradle. More recent version, more better

If you want to run it simply type: gradle run. Other tasks:

  • compile java -- gradle compileJava

  • compile groovy -- gradle compileGroovy

  • test -- gradle test

  • run -- gradle run

  • create launch script -- gradle installApp

  • create distribution (zip) -- gradle distZip it creates a zip file according to the build.gradle's projectName and version


The project makes use of Springframework through the Grails based DSL.

It's a very concise way to handle Spring configuration. For more information (


In order to get the project dependencies in Eclipse just prompt gradle eclipse


It's possibile to customize configuration for any given environment such as development, integration, production (or whatever you want define).

Add the folder src/main/resources/conf/{environment name}/.

Then set the proper environment's placeholer and log4j.xml.

When you run the application from start script you have to set the system variable ex:

export APP_OPTS="-Denvironment=<development/integration/production>"