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added support for encoded urls to hyde server

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commit ffd729918727e1253fc2079be19e9d55a3b13aad 1 parent 7ce5815
@gfuchedzhy authored
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3  hyde/
@@ -55,9 +55,8 @@ def translate_path(self, path):
Finds the absolute path of the requested file by
referring to the `site` variable in the server.
- path = SimpleHTTPRequestHandler.translate_path(self, path)
site =
- result = urlparse.urlparse(self.path)
+ result = urlparse.urlparse(urllib.unquote(self.path).decode('utf-8'))
logger.debug("Trying to load file based on request: [%s]" % result.path)
path = result.path.lstrip('/')
res = None
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