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#!perl -w
use strict;
use Getopt::Std;
use PerlIO::Util;
sub main{
getopts 'ainuh', \my %opt_of
or die "Usage: $0 [-aiun] [FILE]...\n";
return usage();
if($opt_of{i}){ # Ignore interrupts
foreach my $sig(qw(INT TERM HUP QUIT)){
$SIG{$sig} = 'IGNORE' if exists $SIG{$sig};
my $mode = $opt_of{a} ? '>>' : '>'; # Append
if($opt_of{n}){ # No stdout
return unless @ARGV;
my $first = shift @ARGV;
open STDOUT, $mode, $first or die "$0: cannot open $first: $!\n";
foreach my $file (@ARGV){
STDOUT->push_layer(tee => $file);
$| = 1 if $opt_of{u}; # Unbuffered
while(sysread STDIN, $_, 2**12){
sub usage{
my $fh = shift;
print <<"EOT";
Usage: $0 [-aiun] [FILE]...
-a append to the given FILEs, do not overwrite
-i ignore interrupt signals
-u unbuffered output
-n do not output to stdout
A tctee(1) clone provided by PerlIO::Util