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- Bump version to 2.15 so base and fields have the same version again
- fix problem with SIGDIE on perls < 5.10
- Make @INC available in's error message when
a module can't be found. See CPAN bug #28582.
- Fix obscure bug introduced in 2.13 (Michael G Schwern)
- push all classes at once in @ISA
2.12 Fri Jul 6 00:57:15 PDT 2007
Test Features
- Test that preserves $VERSION after real module loading.
Bug Fixes
- Last version broke the warning about inheriting fields.
2.11 Mon Jul 2 03:30:03 PDT 2007
New Features
- Inheriting from yourself causes a warning [bleadperl 29090]
Bug Fixes
- Silenced warning when a class with no fields inherits from a class with
fields. [bleadperl 22208]
- An intermediate class with no fields messes up private fields
in the base class. [bleadperl 23266] [bleadperl 23267]
* Loading a module via would mask a global $SIG{__DIE__} in
that module. [bleadperl 31163]
- A constant named FIELDS in a base class would confuse
[bleadperl 31420]
Documentation Improvements
- Added a DIAGNOSTICS section [bleadperl 22748]
- Minor typos [bleadperl 25261]
- Better explain how base goes about loading classes.
- State explicitly that non-file classes can be based on.
- Document that import() is not called.
Test Fixes
- Fix tests for new disallowed hash key access error message in blead.
2.04 through 2.10 were only released with perl.
2.03 Sun Sep 14 20:01:48 PDT 2003
* phashes produced via fields::new() will now not warn when used for
forward compatiblity purposes
- Reformatting the docs to make them a bit more readable
- Making it clear that fields::new() is usable with or without
* Fixing inheritence from classes which have only private fields
* Fixing inheritence when an intermediate class has no fields.
[perlbug 20020326.004]
- Removing uses of 'our' from tests for backwards compat.
2.02 Wed Sep 3 20:40:13 PDT 2003
- Merging the core fields.t test and my own long ago forked base.t test
into fields-base.t combining all tests
2.01 Thu Aug 28 13:39:32 PDT 2003
- Forgot to set the INSTALLDIRS to 'perl'
2.0 Wed Aug 27 21:47:51 PDT 2003
* Seperated from Class::Fields