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Geo Picking Data

These tools were used to generate data for both the article on aligning HTML elements to 3D and the article on using indexed textures for picking and color

I'm not going to go into details on how they work but you can look inside and see them draw the images and extract the data. Maybe you can use them to make or extract similar maps from other data.

The one I actually used is make-geo-picking-texture.html. To run it you need to download the data from here then unzip it and put it in this folder.

Then run a simple server. If you don't already know how to do that here's a simple one that will take just a few clicks to use. Run it, point it at this folder, then load make-geo-picking-texture.html in your browser.

There's also another one called make-geo-picking-texture-ogc.html. It works with data from here. To use that one download the database then use a tool like Open the database and export the table called level1 to a json file called level1.json

Then run a simple server like above and open make-geo-picking-texture-ogc.html in your browser.

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