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A license issue #3

beloglazov opened this Issue August 01, 2012 · 4 comments

2 participants

Anton Beloglazov Tim Cuthbertson
Anton Beloglazov

Hi Tim,

I've been considering using this library in my project until I noticed that the library is licensed under GPL. This basically disallows me to use the library in my Apache 2.0 project. I just wanted to ask whether this is intended. Could the LGPL license be more appropriate for such a library?


Tim Cuthbertson gfxmonk closed this in 372d3a1 August 03, 2012
Tim Cuthbertson

Thanks for pointing it out - I'm no expert on licences, but the LGPL sounds reasonable. Since there have been no other contributors (and it's strictly more permissable, thus not affecting existing users), I've changed it now. Out of curiosity, what's your project?

Anton Beloglazov

Thanks for changing the license! Here is the project where I'm going to use your library:

There's almost no code yet, I'm just starting. But it's going to be an add-on to OpenStack implementing dynamic consolidation of virtual machines.


Tim Cuthbertson

Sounds cool (neat, even) - good luck :)

Anton Beloglazov

Thanks! :)

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