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Execute Win+Shift+P everytime a window is being resized in tiling mode. #43

untitaker opened this Issue · 2 comments

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The other windows just should resize too to make it properly tiled again.

@gfxmonk gfxmonk was assigned

I requested the same feature in #82, before seeing this issue. A few thoughts on it:

I think the feature is necessary. In my opinion a user uses a tiling window manager as not to get overlapping windows but to get the available screen split up nicely between the windows. If one wants overlapping windows quite often, he might just use "floating mode". In bluetile, the few times i want a window bigger without destroying the current tiling layout (i think thats the main reason for those overlapping tiles, correct me, if i am wrong) i simply hit the maximize button in decorator area. This enlarges the selected window to a "close to fullscreen" size, to be able to differentiate from real fullscreen mode.

Anyway, possibilities to implement "auto-super+shift+p" are:

1) via a modifier, either "non-auto-super+shift+p" or " "auto-super+shift+p" is the default behaviour, while the other is accessible via a modifier, e.g. SHIFT, as already proposed by gfxmonk. Would be best, if you need both of them frequently.
1.1)Default behaviour could also be swapped around via a configuration entry, but that might become confusing for unexperienced users.
2) selecting one behaviour via a config entry. Best, if a user only needs behaviour at all times. Keeps it simple but limited.

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