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require 'cucumber'
require 'cucumber/rake/task'
VERSION = "0.0.2"
JAR = "janus-#{VERSION}-standalone.jar"
CLJ_SRC = FileList['**/*.clj']
file JAR => CLJ_SRC do
sh "lein uberjar"
desc "Build janus into something runnable"
task :build => JAR
desc "Run all tests"
task :test do
sh "lein midje"
end => JAR) do |t|
t.cucumber_opts = "features --format pretty --tags ~@wip"
desc "Verifies janus"
task :verify => [:test, :features]
desc "Packages Janus for release"
task :package => [:build, :verify] do
rel_name = "janus-#{VERSION}"
mkdir_p rel_name
cp JAR, "#{rel_name}/janus.jar"
rm_f "#{rel_name}.tar.gz"
sh "tar -cvf #{rel_name}.tar #{rel_name}"
sh "gzip #{rel_name}.tar"
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