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(environment :dev (fn []))
(method :post)
(header "Content-Type" "application/json")
(before (fn [config]
;; Perform a POST to authenticate, for example
(add-cookie config "SESSION" (-> :cookie-jar response (get "SESSION_ID")))
(after (fn []))
"payment recipient list"
(url "/recipients"))
(should_have :path "$..recipients" :of_type :array)
(should_have :path "$..recipients[*].name", :equal_to "")
(should_have :path "$.name", :matching #"\w+\w+")))
"Creating a new send money transaction"
"create transaction"
:named submit_tx
(definition ...)
(clauses ...))
"verify transaction details"
(url "...")
(body {
:transactionid (:transaction_id submit_tx)}))
(should_have :path "", :of_type :string)))))
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