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ONET Variables.docx


Authors: Giovanni Gallipoli (gallipol@mail.ubc.ca) and Christos Makridis (makridis@mit.edu)
August 2018

This file contains code necessary to replixcate results in the paper "Structural Transformation and the Rise of Information technology", by Giovanni Gallipoli and Christos Makridis. The data sets are very large and are stored (and available for download) at the following link:

"replicate_all" contains the majority of the commands for reproducing the tables and figures that are contained in the published version of the paper. There are two exceptions.

First, "onet_skills_intensity" is the code that's used to produce the z-score of IT intensity. It draws on 2002-2016 ONET data.

Second, "replicate" elasticities is the code that's used to produce the
elasticity of substitution between IT and non IT jobs for the two sectors
under different modeling assumptions (e.g., naive, composition adjusted, and adao).

The main file to run is "replication_all.do". The other two do files can be run separately and are referenced also in the main file.

Paths need to be changed to run these files!